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Behavioral analysis and modification

❔ If your pet:

• Barks / meows / cries a lot
• Jumps or rushes to guests
• Behaves "aggressively"/unpredictably
• Seems to be "anxious"/"fearful"/"shy"
• Vocalizes as soon as XYZ happens in the environment
• Behaves strangely

• Is avoidant
• Does not come back when you recall
• Is "chaotic"/"hyper"
• Pulls on the leash
• Can't stand being manipulated
• Seems disinterested in you
• Chases lights
• Harasses you...

IMG_7720_Facetune_14-06-2022-19-00-27 2_edited.jpg

to help you !

Together, let's reduce the duration, intensity and frequency of these behaviors.


1st appointment: Behavioral assessment (2h)

  This first appointment together is essential if you are a new client.
This session can be done online or in your own home. 👩🏻‍💻

This assessment will allow me to learn more about your situation, to collect  the necessary information for what's next, and to explain to you the main principles of behavioral science.

I will also provide you with initial information in regards to the ethogram and the fundamental needs of your animal's specie, and first explanatory leads as to why your animal is behaving the way he does.

At the end of this appointment, after choosing the behavior on which we will work, you will receive by mail your first homework for the building of our training plan! 💪🏻


2nd appointment: Building of the training plan (2h)

  After receiving your completed homework, this second meeting is held online. 💻

We will establish together the main objectives of our training plan, and then adapt it to the needs and abilities of your animal, as well as to your expectations and available means.

I will be able to answer all of your questions about your animal and/or the training plan.

We will then train together by practicing the first steps of the training plan and/or the use and/or the installation of the equipment so that you are ready to start the plan on your own after this session! 🥳

Image de Ivana La


3rd appointment: Monitoring and data collection (1h)

  Once the training plan is underway, this appointment allows us to see training results and analyze together the data that you will have collected and that you will have sent to me. Depending on the results, we can modify and readjust the training plan if necessary.

I will be able to answer all of your new questions, requests or suggestions.

Depending on the complexity of the case, your evolution and that of your animal, at the end of this session, two outcomes are possible:

1️⃣ Either you will be able to continue the work independently
2️⃣ Either one to several new sessions will be needed.

Sounds good to you ?

Then let's go ! 🤸🏻‍♀️

Image de Emiliano Vittoriosi

Prices: 60€/h



"You can trust her with your eyes closed! Her knowledge, gentleness and love of animals make her an amazing professional.

She knows what she's talking about and the results obtained with gentle and caring methods are just incredible.


We can only recommend!"



"Chaussette would run away as soon as she would hear us. Alaska listened, took the time to explain everything to me in detail. Alaska offers achievable solutions and above all that adapts to all budgets. She is very considerate and understanding. It is a real pleasure to discuss with her.

Results: where her former foster families had taken several months to manage to approach Chaussette, I was able to quickly build a relationship of trust with her. After barely 2 weeks, she came to ask me for cuddles and I even managed to calm her down in stressful situations. And all of that thanks to the precious advice of Alaska!"



"A real professional!

Efficiency, empathy and ethics.

My pets love her!


You can trust her, she is an education specialist!"

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